Switch to Regent Bank

We realize that changing banks isn't much fun, so we have created the Switch Kit to help make it more convenient. Just follow these five simple steps to make your transition to Regent quick and easy:

Step 1 - Open an account with Regent Bank.

Step 2 - Stop using your old account – Discard all old checks and ATM/debit cards. It may take up to a week for all outstanding checks/transactions to clear.

Step 3 - Change your direct deposits – Simply print and fill out the authorization for direct deposits and send to all depositors from whom you receive deposits.

Step 4 - Change your automatic payments – Print, fill out and send the authorization for automatic payments for each withdrawal automatically deducted from your checking.

Step 5 - Close your old account – Use the account closure form to close your old bank account.

If you have any questions about switching accounts to Regent Bank, don't hesitate to call us at 877.488.4790 or email us at newaccount@bankregent.com