Choosing the perfect checking account is very important since everyone manages their life and their money a little differently. That's why Regent Bank has put together some checking packages that allow you to have things the way you want them. Simply choose the checking account that is right for you! 

  • Regent Advantage Checking
  • Regent Free Checking
  • Regent 50 Checking
  • Regent Platinum Checking
  • Regent High Yield Checking


 All accounts include:  
• E-statements
• Free ATM/check card
• Free online banking
• Free bill pay
• Discounted safe deposit box
• Free mobile banking  

Regent Advantage Checking  
• Minimum to open $25
• Maintenance fee $4
• Free Regent Checks - 2 boxes per year
• Discounted Money Orders 50¢
• Discounted Cashiers Check $1  

• No minimum balance required
• Minimimum to open $25
• Unlimited check writing
• No per item charges
• No monthly maintenance fee
• Starter order of duplicate checks FREE  

Regent 50 Checking  

• Minimum to open $100
• Maintenance fee $2
• Clients 50 and older
• Free Regent Checks - 2 boxes per year
• Interest bearing
• No fee money orders or cashiers checks  

Regent Platinum checking  
Interest tiers of:    
• Minimum to open $500
• Maintenance fee $6 (if below $500)  
• Unlimited checking
• No fee money orders or cashiers checks
• Minimum balance to obtain interest is $500 

Interest rates for:
•$0.00 - $499.99
•$500 - $9,999.99
•$10,000 - $24,999.99
•$25,000 and up

Regent High Yield Checking  
This account is perfect for clients that maintain a higher balance and want a high yield and liquidity! The minimum balance is $50,000, but you will earn CD-type yields with total flexibility.
• No monthly maintenance fee with minimum balance
• Unlimited transactions
• Free checks  


Regent Money Market  
• Market rate earnings
• Interest bearing
• Minimum to open $2,500
• Required average collected balance $2,500
• Maintenance fee $6   (if below average collected balance)  
• Monthly check limit 6
• Excessive withdrawal fee $3 per debit  

Regent Savings  
Use Regent’s Savings Account to save for a vacation, a new car, or any special purpose.  
• Minimum to open $100
• Withdrawals allowed per month 6
• Excess withdrawal fee $3
• No interest accrued on balances below $100
• No interest paid if account closed between cycles
• Dormant account fee $3 (no activity for 12 months)  

Learning the value of money at an early age is important to educating children.  
• For ages birth – 12 years
• Minimum to open only $5
• Receive Regent piggy bank upon opening
• Withdrawals allowed per month 6
• Quarterly statements  

Regent Christmas Club  
Save year-round for holiday expenses with Regent’s Christmas Club. Christmas Club begins in November and ends in October of the following year.  


Invest your money today in a CD from Regent Bank. With a minimum deposit your money can be earning interest at the current  fixed rate. The choice is yours.
• Terms:   3 months 24 months 6 months 36 months 12 months 48 months 18 months 60 months   (Please inquire for current rate sheet)  • Conditions: 31 Days - 12 Months/3 Months interest penalty 366 Days - 60 Months/6 Months interest penalty • Minimum to Deposit $1,000.  


IRAs are a great way to get a head start on your retirement. Investing in an IRA from Regent allows your money to be tax deferrable until time of withdrawal. If you are under age 70½ and have an earned income, then an IRA could be the investment of a lifetime, for a lifetime. Terms and Conditions  
• 180 days - 36 months
• Minimum deposit $500
• Must be age 59 ½ to avoid early withdrawal penalty
• Administration fee for withdrawal $15
• Withdrawals over age 70 ½  
     Required minimum distribution (RMD) – no charge
     Automatic withdrawals – no charge  
     All other withdrawal requests – $5 per withdrawal  
     For business purposes, you may consider setting up a Simplified Employee Pension plan (SEP).  


Secure the money you need today with a loan from Regent Bank.  Whether you’re looking to consolidate debt, cover unexpected expenses, finance a major purchase or treat yourself to a much needed vacation, we can help.
When it comes to auto loans, we want our customers to get an excellent deal.  We provide low rates and great service.  With an auto loan from Regent Bank, you can upgrade your ride and save hundreds.  So let our low rates put you in your next vehicle.